Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

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The Spook Effect  - How it all came about

August 2007 - Still catching up

July 2007 - Too much to say, too little time

Week 92 - Too hot to work

Week 91 - Who said I can't eat a whole bucket of cherries?

Week 90 - Who's tired of a three walled bathroom?

Week 89 - "Don't say anything slanderous about EDF"

Week 88 - Stealing grapes, and more trees (not stolen)

Week 87 - Latière, and not much else

Week 86 - Another window; there's no stopping us now

Week 85 - Heavy swimming pool work (not ours)

Week 84 - Weeds and barns

Week 83 - Floods and EDF inspection

Week 82 - Snow, and PC obituary

Week 81 - Sawmill, butcher baker and entrepreneur

Week 80 - Recovery time

Week 79 - Back to England, again!

Week 78 - Hooray; we missed the really cold weather

Week 77 - We're going to England for Christmas. Note; it's not home anymore

Week 76 - Second bedroom done and Christmas decorations in the lounge

Week 75 - Sparkie inspects my electrical work

Week 74 - Bedroom two approaches completion

Week 73 - The roof party approaches

Week 72 - Gardening; again

Week 71 - More roofing, no pictures; boring!

Week 70 - Of course you've heard the one about sleeping with a grand mother?

Week 69 - Another trip to England, after downpours through the open roof

Week 68 - Roof, while the sky is blue

Week 67 - One wedding, no funeral and skip some weeks

Week 66 - Away for a wedding

Week 65 - The wheat is gone and so is a little more of the old roof

Week 64 - Motivation and summer festivals are back

Week 63 - Only challenges and opportunities, never problems

Week 62 - Visitors are here so work stops

Week 61 - Motivation has gone

Week 60 - "Lounge" to lounge is slow going

Week 59 - The first real hot weather

Week 58 - FA Cup, rain, shutters, hosepipe ban and Ipswich lose to West Ham

Week 57 - Lounge tiles, grout, sore knees and some summer

Week 55 - Summer is on its way, and bathroom 2 is finished; yippee

Week 54 - More bathroom, kitchen and off to South Africa for my Mum's birthday

Week 53 - Bathroom two gets ceiling and our first paint

Week 52 - Time to finish the tiling in the kitchen

Week 51 - Ladder sky diving and vegetable patch gets going

Week 50 - Bathroom, more ground clearing and heathers arrive on the scene

Week 49 - What a trip. Lucky the UK has all those measures in place to stop undesirables!

Week 48 - Working in the Gulag and then off to the UK by train

Week 47 - New toys, Rotovator, gardening and one year in France anniversary  

Week 46 - Off to see the architect, trying to remember we're not on holiday

Week 45 - First French lesson, another tree and some football

Week 44 - Bathroom 2 plumbing and first "tongue and groove"

Week 43 - Toilet still leaking so take it out and rework bathroom 2

Week 42 - Get that lounge warm before Spencer arrives

Week 41 - Back from holiday, refreshed and re-motivated

Week 40 - If I was a professional, I would have finished by now

Week 39 - More tiling the kitchen floor

Week 38 - Tiling the kitchen floor

Week 37 - Another fireplace, quickly, before guests (not the paying kind) arrive

Week 36 - More roof, chimney and grass

Week 35 - More light switches

Week 34 - Light switches, painting; and then the visitors get to work

Week 33 - Help arrives, and the weather is kinder

Week 32 - Who needs under-floor heating anyway?

Week 31 - The garden looks good (or would if we planted grass)

Week 30 - More help from abroad

Give me a break; I'm still catching up here after my computer breakdown (well actually I've given up trying to catch up)

Week 20 - Well we've moved in and now are camping indoors

Week 19 - The last week before moving in, all from memory

Week 18 - Shower and bathroom tiling, taps and no smells

Week 17 - Shower cubicle and cold water runs

Week 16 - Plumbing, and floorboards, and more football

Week 15 - The fishing is as unsuccessful as the football

Week 14 - Slow, slow plumbing (who said it was easy?)

Week 13 - Roof, tiles, baguettes, and space blankets

Week 12 - More bathroom and floorboard jigsaws

Week 11 - Bathrooms start to become rooms, without the baths

Week 10 - Bathroom floors and lots of crepping

Week 9 - Electricity, hip, hip, hooray and no thanks to EDF

Week 8 - Well, at least we've got a telephone

Week 7 - Snakes and concrete arrive

Week 6 - More trenches and crepe (that's not a spelling mistake, its plastering to you)

Week 5 - Trenches and holes in the wall

Week 4 - The "Fosse Septique" septic tank goes in

Week 3 - If only we had electricity

Week 2 - The house is ours, now what do we do

Week 1 - The Beginning