Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 92

Monday 24th July to Sunday 30th July

I have taken a break from this diary as work was progressing slowly and I was running out of interesting things to say. But now that I'm rested; well, we'll see!

I've finally got out of the second bathroom. Small matter of a door, part of the ceiling and a few tiles where the tiles meet the wooden floor, but the rest is done. Oh, and the re-grouting. As we've tiled onto a wooden floor, and the beams do move when we walk in the bathroom, all the grout has cracked. I've bought some grout plasticiser in England during our last trip so this time it should stay put!

I've quit the final bits of the bathroom as it has been so hot. Even at 10 in the morning, I would be dripping with sweat. Trying to hold up a sheet of plasterboard in that weather is too much like hard work for my taste. So I'm onto other things.

I was lent a Kango hammer. If you're not in the know, it is a big heavy hammer drill and chisel. I used it to put a hole through the wall in the kitchen, so we could get rid of the bucket catching the drips from the water heater. Why does it drip? Well, it's the pressure release when the water heats up. Being unused to this type of water system, I did not provide for this so now the drips go directly onto the back "garden".

Soon, week 93; what fun