Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 91

Monday 5th June to Sunday 23rd July

Italy wasn't quite as warm as we expected, but we got back to 30 every day. The grass is rapidly turning brown, and we water the new trees and vegetable patch every evening. We are eating outside most days, but the football is about to begin (that's the World Cup in Germany for those from other planets), so I'm ready to spend more time inside.

With all the football, Wimbledon and trying to do some work, I've not kept up any diary, so see the week by week pictures and here is the gist.

Our farmer neighbour brought us over some cherries form his tree; in a bucket; and it was full; and he said if we want some more, just go and get them.

The new trees are all growing, but there is a constant battle to give them enough water to keep them alive but little enough to help them develop deep roots. And the battle of the dog s%* is still at a stalemate.

The vegetables are growing well and we've had our first fresh raspberries.

England played so badly in their first game that I thought I had better support France, and they played even worse!

And as we have visitors arriving tomorrow, I've got to get on with the bathroom, so that's it for now.