Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 90

Monday 22nd May to Sunday 28th May

The most important news is now that we have all of our personal possessions either in the barn or in the house, we can't get in the front door, as you can see.

The bedroom is painted, however we still have the ceiling to install and one section of plasterboard where as yet there is just exposed stone. The Boss has been crepeing the front wall, gradually covering the mud and stopping the breeze from coming all the way through the wall.

I've finished the window, window sill and the original wooden lintel. However the furniture is stacked in the middle of the floor, and mostly covered, as I've moved my workshop to the bathroom. This is the original bathroom, fully functional, but with rather rough plasterboard, exposed pipes and cable trunking.

I've moved my workshop there because there is a lot of woodwork, cutting, and routing to get the shelves, cupboards and tongue and groove installed. It's easier doing it in the bathroom than measuring, walking through the rubble, cutting and coming back to make sure I've cut it correctly. As it is not yet painted, I'm using the plasterboard for designs, measurements and other meaningless scribbles, and hope that our friends bring us back some Dulux. If I have to use the local undercoat, it will be three coats at least to cover these.





This is the bathroom as it was, nice open plan and trendy green, with a special trap door at the entrance!

And this the the bathroom now, no longer open plan, but no door and tools handy in case you like to fix things while in the shower

The weather is still a lot worse than we'd like, but we've had a few good days. On these rare occasions I get out of my dark and gloomy gulag upstairs and do some work in the garden. And we are off to Italy (yes, yes, another holiday; I know, life seems to be one big holiday) for 10 days so the lawn has to be cut and the biggest weeds dealt with.

So no diary next week, and I hope the weather is better than France. Perhaps we'll emigrate.