Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 89

Monday 15th May to Sunday 21st May

electricity in FrancePainting, cleaning beams, treating them for woodworm and then re-plastering all the bits that painting has highlighted as poorly plastered, is slow and laborious. We've moved into the "guest bedroom" while I make a mess of everything in our room. However, we have had a major breakthrough with Portuguese Pete.

We have had so many cherry tomatoes re-seed themselves from last years crop, that the Boss has potted them up and given them away to all and sundry. Well I decided to go over and offer Pete some. If you've read weeks 59 to 62, you'll know that Pete, despite being our nearest neighbour, is also the least friendly, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, he is very dour.

So I arrived on Sunday evening, while he was cooking the dinner. Using my best French (which is now a lot lot better than when we arrived), I explained that we had these tomato plants, they are good to eat and would he like some? He said yes, so in my best French I said I would take them, actually intending to say I would get them, but he got the gist. When I took them over, he insisted we have a Pineau. We talked about football, the universal language, among men anyway! Maybe it was a good excuse for him to get the bottle out.

Anyway, he said his sister (I think) was going to give him some big tomato seedlings and he would bring us some. True to his word, he arrived a few days later, while the Boss and I were eating lunch outside. As it was about 2:30, he probably wondered what we were doing in the middle of the afternoon but we got several seedlings for large tomatoes and he was off. But later that day we were working in the garden and he stopped for a few words and he even smiled. Best buddies soon!

The weather has not been great, but still, as long as it's better than the UK, I'm still happy. And now that I've got broadband (yes; even in rural France), I spend all day talking on the phone; according to the Boss, and as you know, if the Boss says so, it must be true.

And the electricity consumer units seem to multiply waiting for the next EDF inspection