Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 87

Monday 1st May to Sunday 7th May

Well, Monday was a holiday. An annual "Latière" whatever that is was held in the Double (pronounced Doob-bla) forest. The story is that originally, gypsies used it to sell their stolen horses. Now, it is a little tatty, but a big social event for the region. I took my banjo in case we met any of the forest people!

The really interesting thing for me is the comparison between the UK and here. In the UK, you cannot buy cheese's or sausages on market stalls as they have to be kept refrigerated and at a temperature dictated by the EU. Of course, there were lots of stalls at the Latière, selling cheeses, sausages and hams, and all from simple stalls, and some right next to the horses for sale! So much for EU harmonisation.

Apart from something to eat, and a couple of shifting spanners which are self-adjusting, we didn't buy anything. Oh; apart of course, from the plants. I think going was easier for the Boss than talking me into taking her to a garden centre. The sales pitch for the spanners, was like any market trader in the UK, except of course, with my French, a little harder to follow.

Some work on the garden this week, trying to get the second vegetable bed ready. The rotovator, decided that after a winter in the barn, it did not want to work so that will soon be off to Graham's for a makeover. I'm still determined that we win the battle of the weeds, and have done quite a bit of digging in the parts of the garden that have not been worked on yet. Good for the heart, so I'm told, but not very rewarding, leaving a stony, weed free patch behind. And as for that b%§Iç** mole, well, he (or she more likely) has decided to live under an area of grass I've just seeded. The poison is coming out soon.

I've had a meeting with the technical man from the commune, to discuss the access off the road for parking. They are going to re-dig the ditch that runs alongside the road, and I must then cement it, and place a steel grate over it. This will stop some of the quagmire we have experienced in the past. Once the work is done, it will also mean we can leave the car and van without fear of getting stuck in the mud.

But not this week; or even next