Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 85

Monday 17th April to Sunday 23rd April

Like the rest of the world, the climate here is changing and each year is non-typical. We've almost stopped lighting the wood burners, however, some days are warm, some cool, and the temperature does drop in the evenings. That means time is split between outside work, and of course the necessary final stages of the inside of the house.

Unfortunately I have had to spend a little time earning some money to keep the building fund alive. That means I've not been here much, except, I've had to mow the lawn; again, and I've moved the scaffold so that I can fit the bedroom window. As the Boss said, "Now summers come I suppose you are going to put the window in the bedroom and get rid of the plywood insert!" Some people just have no appreciation of the mental preparation for this type of work.


If you really want to know what I've been up to, look at the pictures. Yes, yes; I know it's an empty swimming pool. It had a leak, and Graham and I have put about 1,500kgs of concrete in the deepest part to stop it.

If you read week 32, you'll know the procedure. Drive to the gravel supplier, drive onto the weigh bridge, then shovel in some gravel. Then onto the weigh bridge, drive back, shovel it into the cement mixer, and then wheel barrow it to the pool. The gym has to be an easier way to build muscle.

A few more footings have gone down in the barn, and that's it for a really boring week.

Maybe something interesting next week