Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 84

Monday 10th April to Sunday 16th April

One of our key objectives this year is to keep the weeds under control. If we are to meet this objective, this is the time of they year we have to take rapid action. Compared to last year this is now a lawn. We dig up individual weeds and no longer use weed-killer. The weeds are like the MRSA super-bugs; they seem to grow faster if they are sprayed with weed-killer.

Where the weeds are really thick, we simply mow the grass shorter hoping that the grass will eventually win the battle. However, mowing means removing the stones and the shorter the grass is mowed, the more stones have to be removed. As you can see, despite several friends taking stones for rockeries and borders, the pile in this pictures seems to be getting bigger. It is not the only pile! I have several other stashes of rocks around the place, and now that work has started on the barn, more appear daily.

Unfortunately from a picture point of view, all work on the house is taking place on the inside, so nothing really changes from the outside, except the garden, as it gets more trees, plants, fewer rocks, and the grass slowly begins to win the good fight.

The reason I have begun some preparatory work on the barn before the house is finished is so we can get the floor laid and give it time to dry while the house is finished. Now I am just beginning to realise how much work I've got to do.

The north facing wall of the barn looks like this; now. I have cleared many wheelbarrows of soil, stones and weeds from the base but as usual, forgot to take a real "before" picture.

This wall needs to be repaired before it falls down and the walls inside which are below the outside ground level, need to be underpinned.

With some sunny warm weather; it's difficult to convince myself to work inside the house or barn, but needs must. There are some pictures of the inside of the barn here. This weekend we're off to England for a few days with our children. I won' relate the full story but last week there was a fireman's strike so no flights. Of course, Ryanair could not let us know until we arrived at the airport. This week someone (who will remain nameless) did not bring both passports so we are travelling a week and a day late, hopefully after our third trip to Bergerac airport.

C'est la vie