Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 83

Monday 3rd April to Sunday 9th April

For the observant readers you will have noticed that last week, week 82 was actually two months ago. As usual I have an excuse. One dead PC, some time away for personal reasons and time flying when one has fun, means that I have not been able to keep up. So now, courtesy of Dell and a French keyboard; I'm now back to keeping up to date. If you want to know what it is like typing on a French keyboard; it isn't for the faint hearted!

We've been lighting the wood burners in the evenings, but it's not necessary to keep them going all day, nor after we go to bed. The relentless rain we had while I was off line, raised the rivers to levels I've never seen since we arrived in France. These pictures were taken just as the hosepipe bans were announced in the UK.




This is the bar at a nearby swimming spot on the river Dronne




This is the entrance to the car park for the local football field, with the goalposts out there somewhere





If you wear your wellies, you can now go to the bar (three days after the rains had stopped)

While I was off line, we had our electricity inspection. The short version of the background is this. We get our electricity from a neighbour. EDF the supplier needs a "certificate of conformity" before they will connect you. We had been told various things, including, they will not inspect until the entire renovation is finished.

Well, being a chancer (if the Boss says so, it must be true), I asked for the inspection, and would say the unfinished part of the house is attic, not to be renovated, hence the renovation is complete. The inspector arrived, and did his stuff after we had hidden all the things we did not want him to see. These included temporary insulation in the lounge, half a ceiling in the bedroom, and some old blankets on the floor in the hall.

He was a real barrel of laughs, and clearly was unable or unwilling to converse in English and my French elicited few responses. Anyway the long and the short of it is we failed. Apart form forgetting to earth the metal bath, we passed on all the safety stuff. What we failed on, was all the stuff in the regulations which I did not really understand. For instance, one needs two telephone sockets; one in the kitchen and the other in the "place principal". The washing machine and the cooker need to be protected by different types of "disjoncteur", and although I've got two, I can't tell the difference; can you? Oh, and while I've got the whole electrical layout on computer, I did not label the switches.

And finally, The whole house needs it's own disjoncteur, even though EDF have one in their box and each circuit has its own. After an analysis of the report by Sparkie (see weeks 9, 11, 13 and 75) I now really understand the regulations; at least I hope I do.

And if I don't, there's always the well for an EDF inspector!