Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 81

Monday 23rd January to Sunday 29th January

Either I'm getting old and senile or time really does fly when you're having fun. I can't remember what I did last week, except for more cabling.

However, there was one thing of interest. During the week it got really cold. On Friday night it was down to -9°C. By Saturday, the Boss had been saying it looks like snow, for three days and finally she (I mean the Boss, not the cat's mother) was right.

We were going to a Burns night supper organised by our French language association. We had to leave our house and walk across the grass in boots, with our shoes in a Sainsbury's carrier bag. We drove through continuing snow which was settling and it looked like this before it got dark.





I think it is now time to put the barbecue away until next summer.

The haggis got stabbed, there were people there in their kilts, but the piper could not make it through the snow. However, the French really enjoyed themselves, especially the gay gordons.





What is there to say, except why would anyone not want to live here?



A bit more clearing of the weeds, but while the ground is so damp, its hard going. And the moles seem to have come out of hibernation. One day there will be a lawn and garden where last summer there were only the triffids.

One day