Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 80

Monday 16th January to Sunday 22nd January

We arrive back from the UK on Wednesday evening, to less damp than when we left, but the ground is still very soft, the sky is grey and the air damp. Have we changed countries?

Thursday is recovery time as we worked long days every day while away. Friday, the car won't start; again, and I have to drive the Boss to work and to the shops. And we've stupidly run out of wood (my fault) and that means I have to spend time cutting up old floorboards.

I call Sparkie, who is our supplier of wood. If you've read week 9, you'll know that Sparkie is also; as our farmer neighbour said, "One of a kind". You might ask why. Well, he's a qualified electrician, and owns some land and buildings adjacent to and and on both sides of the river Dronne. He doesn't live there; these are his workshop, sawmill and stores.





This is the outside of Sparkie's workshop. I counted at least three tractors that have not moved since I was 21!




And as usual, the Boss does the talking while I do the work




Yes, the building is held up by giant steel girders.




This is the sawmill. Lucky the Health and Safety inspectors don't visit too often, and the air conditioning works a treat!




And so that you know his sawmill actually works, this is one of the piles of cut and stacked wood. P.S. I'll try and sort the camera out sometime

Only in rural France.