Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 79

Monday 9th January to Sunday 15th January

This is a short week. I've been offered a job installing a kitchen in England, so the Boss and I are going back again, leaving on Wednesday. Perhaps this is a mid-life (the cynical will say late-life) change of career.

Anyway, Monday, is cut more logs time. While this is a good workout, it does seem to consume an inordinate amount of each day for me. Perhaps it's my imagination. Then, it's back to running earth wires where I did not run them.

I want all the cabling hidden and I know where the earths have to be terminated to get our certificate of conformity. I also know what to hide behind ceilings and plasterboard walls so the inspector does not get to see it!  The Boss is painting more furniture and it's not me making the mess in the kitchen this time.

During the week I have a heated debate with a builder friend about the merits or de-merits of French wiring standards and practice. Some of it is good, some inferior to UK safety standards, but if you are trying wiring yourself, be warned, it is very different.

Tuesday I have to pack up all my tools, and load the van as we leave Wednesday morning. I actually feel like a real builder seeing all the tools back in their plastic boxes. For some reason ferries are much cheaper to Calais and Boulogne, so although the drive is further, that's the route.

Before we leave, Mr France Telecom arrives, and it's a different guy from last time. He tells me that there must be a joint in the cable inside so we dig up the cable outside, and run a new one directly through the wall into the socket. And then it rains. Mr FT driving right up to the front door, leaves tyre tracks all the way across the grass, and the hole where we dug up the cable immediately fills with water.

Then, back in the UK. And how we missed London. Staying with a friend, I had to move the van before 8:30, as it is all residents only parking. So off to Sainsbury's, where I get two hours and have to spend 10. Then on to a parking meter at 20 pence per 5 minutes. I get back 4 minutes after the time has expired and I have a 50 ticket.

The sooner we get back to free parking and not locking our doors at night, the better!