Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 77

Monday 19th December to Sunday 25th December

No real work this week, except on Monday I'm putting up a satellite dish and a "digibox" for some friends. It's really cold outside and I'm out there most of the day.

In the evening the Boss wants to hand deliver some Christmas cards. A few mince pies and glasses of wine later (and that's how it goes here) and it's after midnight before we're home. Tomorrow it's an early start driving back to the UK.

Just as we're leaving on Tuesday morning, Monsieur France Telecom arrives to fix our noisy telephone line. Of course we get a telling off as the tube carrying the cable arrives behind some plasterboard and then travels across a floor under tiles. He wants to dig up the tiles; fat chance. I therefore tell him to leave it. So he changes the phone socket and hey presto, it all works fine; at least until he's gone.

Tuesday evening we arrive at friends in Normandy, who live in a renovated farmhouse. While the style differs, across France, everyone has large impressive gates, even one of our neighbours, where they have a pokey little place with a handkerchief for a garden. Sometimes it's just gate posts, and no gates. Our friends place has gate pillars that are so far apart, they had to have their gates custom built. Perhaps we need some pillars; no fence or gates, just some impressive pillars.

By Wednesday evening, we're in England. So I'm off for the next few days.


Now even the Boss could drive through these without any risk!