Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 76

Monday 12th December to Sunday 18th December

It was really cold last night. A heavy frost on the ground and a real nip in the air. However, by the time the mist clears and the sun has been out for a few hours it warms up considerably.

We've been to buy another load of logs from Sparkie. Sparkie, his retired friend, Spencer and I loaded the logs with Spencer complaining that he did all the work, and I did all the talking. Well; that's how it's done in France. I will be hearing about all the work he did for the next six months!

The price of wood has crept up a little but now has a real cost benefit compared to oil. My paranoia about being cold, has abated for a week or two. Of course other work stops while visitors are here. Spencer arrived with another girl friend and a friend of hers; both Australian. Australians know "Spencer" as a make of singlet, so we are now called the singlet family; momma, poppa and baba singlet (baba singlet is Spencer in case you missed the cue).

A visit to Riberac market, which is the largest local one, is the order of the day. Lunch in a bar, is cheeseburgers made from real beef, washed down with mulled wine. The following evening, we eat out again and if we laugh any more, I think they might ban us from the "chateaux". As usual, not too many pictures, but I'll get them on soon.

As the renovation work has reached a stage where money is needed for the remaining big items on the house, I've begun to prepare the final plans for the barn. 

Next week, were off to the UK for Christmas.

We'll want the barn floor down as soon as we get back and that means some real serious planning.





The lounge, looking good!