Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 75

Monday 5th December to Sunday 11th December

rains bring rainbowsWell the rain seems to have abated a little. However, it is now misty in the mornings and colder. Well, cold is relative and watching the weather on TV, as long as it's warmer than England, I'm still happy.

Saturday night was the Christmas party organised by the French language association with whom we have our French lessons. As I was driving, the mulled wine was limited. The music was provided by some guitarists, a choir and then a professional trio. Not quite lively enough for my tastes, but it was a Saturday night out.

I seem to spend as much time cutting wood, as I do actually doing productive work. However, I've become paranoid about getting cold. I worry about the wood supply running out in the middle of the night, the chain-saw refusing to start, and the Boss having to wear her woollen hat to bed. But if that's my biggest worry, things can't be too bad.

The second bedroom is painted, and apart from ceiling and floor sanding, it is complete. Part of the roof insulation is in and as it looks like a space blanket it gives the room a strange appearance, but we still think it looks good. A temporary curtain, moves the star rating from 1 to 2, and the gap under the door makes it easy to deliver the morning papers.

Our French electrician "Sparkie" came round to inspect my work before I get the mandatory inspection, which will allow us an electricity connection. In case you've forgotten, we are still on the above ground cable from our farmer neighbour. Of course, I've done some bits wrong, despite reading the French electricity books, looking at every house we've visited to see how theirs is installed and talking to many people. So now I have a little more work to do first. Most annoying, is using the widely available two pin sockets. Sold everywhere, they are "interdit" as far as the inspectors are concerned.

So my next job is electrical





Door to bedroom two








Just needs a picture on the wall; and guess what the Boss wants me to do now







Isn't it amazing how a flash highlights the touched up plaster. Can't get away with not painting it now. And no, the cot is not an announcement!