Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 74

Monday 28th November to Sunday 4th December

If you're really observant, you'll have noticed that several weeks have gone walkabout (that's Charantaise patois). Well, I've got no excuse, no pictures and you'll just have to take it all on trust.

With the roof finished, and plenty of rain to test it, we have just one leak. It's the one we couldn't find earlier in the year, but I've been able to see where it is coming from, so sometime, when I've moved the scaffold, the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, ...

holiday in france

I really wanted the windows installed before the weather got too cold, but our priorities changed. Imminent arrival of visitors, meant that we have spent several weeks working on the second bedroom. The old floorboards have gone, the beams have been treated for woodworm, new oak boards are down and plasterboard walls are well underway.

rent or let a houseThe lights are in temporarily and the power is on. The exposed stone wall is almost all pointed. Pictures tomorrow. Both the Boss and I are really pleased with the look as its mostly one big beam and clean walls. 

During the missed weeks, the weather has been fantastic. Many sunny days, and often warm enough to drink tea in the sun. But it's turned cold now and we have the wood burners at opposite ends of the house going most of the day and night.

While the weather is cold and wet, I've had to move my "workshop" from the garden, to the open space upstairs.

And it has rained every day this week

And the Boss has put up some Christmas decorations

country holiday

Sorry about the reflection