Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France


Week 72

Monday 3rd October to Sunday 9th October

With the rain and then a few days sunshine, the ground is soft enough to dig. That means we take a break form roofing every few days, in order to try and reclaim some of the garden from the weeds. The dead brown grass is now completely green and growing as if it is mid-summer.

The Boss wants a bed made behind the house; where all the triffids are growing. I suppose that it has to be done some time, so we start with pulling up the largest weeds by hand. Then remove the largest rocks on the surface. Then we try using the rotovator.

The rotovator gets stuck on some the hidden rocks, which means regular stopping and freeing a jammed rock. While doing this the rotovator gets an air lock, so it will not start again. Oh well, it must be time for tea. With tea breaks included, it takes a whole day just to dig over the surface.

Then back to the roof for a few more tiles, battens and layers of felt. The "roofing felt" we were sold by Brico's turned out to be reinforced plastic, and hence will not breathe. However, with about 300kg of tiles on top of it, I'm not replacing it. The real stuff is waterproof felt, but light and easy to manage. Needless to say its ten times the price of the reinforced plastic.

Some evenings we have had a fire in the lounge. Despite the great hole in the ceiling and the door that doesn't close, it gets too hot for me but the Boss is happy.

And the roof will soon be finished