Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 31

Day 214, Monday 4th October

The day starts with removal of everything that we have come to appreciate so much in the kitchen. Now that we have a cooker, we disconnect it. Now that we have a washing machine, it too gets dismissed to the lounge. Then the fridge goes.

Actually there is a reason for all this madness, and that is we are now starting on the under-floor heating and then the tiles go down.

In the afternoon, the man from the local plant hire (Mr Location) arrives with his mini JCB. I wanted to drive around the site but he wouldn't let me; spoil-sport.

Day 215, Tuesday 5th October

The Boss goes to work today, instead of Monday.

Mr Location digs up the remains of what he thinks was a silage pit. All we could see was a small slab of concrete in the middle of the garden. Once he started to dig, it was obvious it was larger than it first appeared, and the foundation was stone.

He took away the biggest of these and left us with the smaller ones, to continue the wall. Chris continues to work on the stone wall and Pete and I get the insulation laid for the kitchen floor.

We are about to pack up for the day and the Boss runs outside shouting there's water pouring into the kitchen from the washing machine waste pipe. I do a boy on the dyke act, holding my hand over the washing machine waste pipe while the water drains away. Or that was the theory. As soon as I did this, water poured out of the dishwasher waste. So it takes two hands.

Day 216, Wednesday 6th October

Its clear the tile cement is not sticking the tiles down. We decide the only thing is to lift all the laid tiles.

Chris and the Boss help to diminish the piles of stones and use them to build up the wall. What the neighbours make of it we don't really know.

Day 217, Thursday 7th October

The Boss is working in the morning. Pete spends all day on his knees, lifting and cleaning tiles, and scraping off the old cement off the insulation. And Chris wanders around the garden, collecting stones.

I start on the plaster board for the second bathroom. I'm definitely getting better at walls using metal studs, but the lack of square corners and low beams still causes me some difficulty. I either cut the boards short, too long or at the wrong angle. By the time the house is finished, perhaps I'll be a real expert.

Day 218, Friday 8th October

Chris and the Boss are going shopping today. With two of the worlds leading experts on shopping, heaven help Riberac.






The start of the garden landscaping looks like this!







And then this ...








And then ...










After and early Guy Fawkes










And finally, does my bum look big in this?





Day 219, Saturday 9th October

As the sun's shining, we take a break from inside work. Raking and levelling the garden is supposed to be good for the six-pack. After looking in the mirror, I decide it (my six-pack) needs just a bit more work.

My nephew Sean decides we wants to do some work to "build some muscles". After pulling up four old floorboards, he decides its time to go back to university, or get a real job, without too much work.

England Wales World Cup qualifier kicks off at 4:00, so a shorter day than normal.

Day 220, Sunday 10th October

A day off. And no croissants for breakfast, followed a trip to St Emillion in the heart of the Bordeaux wine growing region. A real tourist town, with expensive wines for sale. But lots of shops, so the Boss is happy.

And being happy, it will prepare her for the task ahead