Rent  A  Traditional  Country
Farmhouse  in  South-West  France

Week 30

Day 212, Saturday 2nd October

As Lloyd Grossman would say, "Who could possibly live here?"

Day 213, Sunday 3rd October

 Croissant day; but the croissant shop is closed! Nothing for it, but to emigrate.

Chris and the Boss spend their time moving all the wood, concrete blocks and reels of cable from the main part of the barn to the central section, in preparation for tomorrows bulldozer arrival.

Pete and I start to clear the weeds from the "dump". There was a building here once, and now its just stones, clay and rocks from the septic tank excavation. Oh, and weeds, the size of triffids. The area has been sprayed with a biodegradable weed killer and the time of the year has dried some of them.   But it is still hard work pulling up weeds, even without much root. The roots seems to grip the rocks.

At lunch we share a bottle of Bourru. This is the first pressing of white wine, tasting like apple juice, but still 11% alcohol. This means I need a siesta after lunch.

When we start to burn the weeds we have cleared, the wind suddenly changes and oh well, we've upset the neighbours again. Another good opportunity to practise my French and apologise.

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